Long Term Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle Leasing is a good alternate of financing for the use of an automobile. In Hong Kong, Long term vehicle leasing is rental of brand new or “fairly-new” used cars for a period of between 1 to 5 years.

Leasing of Brand New cars:

Leasing of brand new cars between 2 to 4 years is typically more popular and is considered most economically efficient. A leasing period that exceeds 4 years or less than 2 years normally demand comparatively higher leasing premiums due to the higher depreciation and maintenance risk and cost. Leasing on a more popular time frame also allow car hirers to enjoy more opportunities to change into a new car without having to alter their regular car leasing expenses, and to avoid being stuck with the same car for over a long period of time.

Normally, car leasing companies that are part of, or related to a car Distributor, Importer or Retailers tends to favor recommending their “own” brand of vehicle(s) to a prospective leasing client. This is because rental & leasing often serves as an alternative channel for eliminating stock cars, and occasionally; for old stock or stock models that has retailing difficulties.

Venture Outsource Limited is an independent car leasing and rental service provider, having its sole business focused in car rentals and leasing. And as it is nonrelated to importing nor retailing of motor vehicles stock, Venture Outsource can have no bias in the model nor brand of cars it offers to its clients. This allows us to freely suggest only the best suitable car(s) or brand names that most meets with the clients’ established car needs and budgeted requirements.

Leasing of Fairly-new Used cars:

Leasing of used cars are often a choice opened to clients who are either looking for a shorter or a more flexible leasing period. (i.e.: such as 1- 2 years or below) This can also serve clients who are uncertain of their required rental duration or required car type. On the other hand, clients that have a restricted budget could opt for leasing a fairly-new used car so that it can opt for car models that would otherwise be considered out of budget if leased brand new.

Venture Outsource Limited has a substantial supply of fairly-new used cars from its returning / expired lease contracts on regular basis. Normally, returned lease cars will be disposed within 1- 2 months time after return. However, a selection of especially new or good condition vehicles will be offered for re-lease purpose. This provides an alternative car choice for clients targeting fairly-new used car leasing.

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