The concept of vehicle leasing has been around for many years; no matter what the method of transportation for people and freight, there has been a corresponding need to manage and maintain the transporter, whether on four legs or wheels. Many industries and organizations have turned to the outsourcing of non-core activities; one obvious aspect of outsourcing is the supply, financing and disposal of motor vehicles, a function otherwise handled by an individual employee or team of employees within an organization.

A vehicle’s holding cost is based primarily on the concept of depreciation during the time the car is being used; in fact, many people think that apart from the sentimental feeling of “owning” a car, motor vehicles are more a liability than an asset.

Significant proportion of capital can be held up in ownership of motor vehicles, so by shedding the ownership and maintenance risk through leasing arrangements; significant capital can be freed to dedicate on core activities, benefits includes cost savings through reductions in overheads and elimination of management hassles, and access to specialist vehicle management expertise.